Thursday, 13 February 2014

10.5 Lakh People will Sing Pakistani National Anthem in Punjab youth festival 2014

Eyes on new world Records in Punjab youth Festival 2014.1.5 Lakh (150,000) People will be sing Pakistan Official National Anthem IN Allamah Iqbal Park Meenar e Pakistan Lahore. | |
Punjab youth festival is going bigger and bigger every year.Youth festival Popularity growing in all over world.More than 70 countries contacted Punjab govt to participate.
In Last session of Punjab youth Festival Punjabi youth made lot of world Records.Last year one of record was to sung Pakistan National Anthem by almost 43000 People.In Punjab youth festival 2014 Punjab Govt Decided to make another world record and break the record of last year made by them too.So 1.5 Lakh people will sing Pakistan National Anthem in Allamah Iqbal Park Minar e Pakistan Lahore in Punjab youth festival 2014.
Some snapshots of Last world record of National Anthem in PYF.

National Anthem world Record 2012

All Games of Punjab Youth Festival will be online Broadcast by

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