Saturday, 8 February 2014

Google Adsense Account Approved .....Tips for Approved adsense account

Google Adsense is an world,s popular online advertisement company.Its first preference of website owner to get Google Adsense account for their websites to make handsom ammount of money from online business.In this tutorial we are going to tell you some tips and tricks for getting google adsense account approved fastly.
Google adsense apply hard conditions to some countries like India, Pakistan and china but you can get your google adsense account approve fastly by following these tricks and tips given by
Google Adsense main condition is that your blog should be atleast 6 month old. so, you should have decent page views per day.

Google Adsense Tips and Tricks given below:

1: First create your blog from

2:Post articles to your blog ragularly basis.

3:Attract Peole to view your website from social networking website like facebook and twitter.
4:Make your blogger up to date and try to increase your visitors during six month.
Actually this six month condition is not very bad for new bloggers.So they can get experience in six months.

5:When you see that your visitors are reaching 250+ per day then this is the time to apply for Google adsense from your Blogger dashboard.

6:Google Adsense will short check your website.

This is the first step of Google Adsense team.They will check shortly your website and content.If they feel that this content is related to their advstisers then Goggle adsense team will approve your first step.
Main thing is just first step, Wait for one to two weeks for confirmatioon email of approved Google Adsense account.
Sometimes they take long time to decide whether your site is elligible for adsense of Not ?.Sometimes they take 6 months for confirmation email.
But you do't worry !! you will approve your adsense account by following my above tips. 

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