Thursday, 13 February 2014

Strong comet Star Asyn [دمدار ستارہ] of this century will be appear on 3rd December 2013

\Scientists hope that a strong star Aysn will appear on the eastern horizon that will be seen again until the next one back.
Throughout the month of December, millions of people in the Northern Hemisphere will see the tail of the comet, which is several hundred kilometers long.Aysn aurt cloud (Oort Cloud) will come from the end of our solar system is located and where there are several numbers comet.Scientists say aysn powerful star in the cloud exists over the past four and a half billion years.
Lovely Observatory in the U.S. state of Arizona last year, Dr. Matthew Knight aysn is monitored. They offered three choices that will be made ​​in the next few weeks aysn strong star.
1: Aysn the situation, which will take in 2011 Joy (Lovejoy) was called when the comet was approaching the Sun.
The sun's gravity attracted one side of the comet, causing spread Joy Lu., And when you go out from Joy sun spot then it went off.
Aysn will be the same this will be dependent on the nyukls. Nyukls if it is less than two kilometers or comet is very dangerous.
Scientists believe that the nyukls aysn two kilometers of the border so it is on line.
 2: Aysn comet comet like behavior can be aynky torrent. This comet was discovered for the first time a few centuries ago and since then it has been seven times around the sun.
Dr. Knight says aysn sun spot just once through, but fear it is too late aynky that will gradually disappear.
3: Aysn hope that millions of people would be very much in the same way that 1965 was the comet named PSpice.Thanks very much PSpice spot when the sun went in and the gas caught nyukls. Haley leaving a long tail appeared a few days later, which saw millions of people.

The comet of the world, everyone will be able to see through the Internet and hoping that next years aysn mentioned 'comet of the century "will be as.

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