Sunday, 9 February 2014

Strong Evidence of the presence of diamond deposits in South Pole

Scientist said that they have strong evidences that there are huge amount of Diamonds present under cover of Snow hills of South Pole.
Diamond Surface exist in earth 150 KM Depth of south pole hills.You should know that diamond create by high pressure and heat on carbon under earth.
Scientist say,s usually diamond come to earth surface volcanic activity.These diamond stones are called "kamber Light".Scientist team found three stones of Kamber Light from  Prince Charles Mountain.Observer says if we found diamond hills in South Pole then we can't do with this due to some legal issues.

"Congress under the 1991 climate treaty in Antarctica for scientific purposes only and may be drilling for mineral resources. However,the agreement will be reviewed in 2041."

Committee on Antarctic Research Dr. Kevin Hughes said: "We still do not know the position of individual countries in the treaty will be the year 2041., And long excavation will be the extent to which technical innovation in low-cost said to dig. '

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