Thursday, 20 March 2014

Pakistan Become Most Attractive Country For Foreign Investers in Mobile Market . . . 3G and 4G Technology in Pakistan.

Pakistan Become most Attractive country for foreign investors to invest in Pakistani Mobile and Internet Market. 
3G and 4G Technology is coming to Pakistan very early, this will very help in Pakistan,s Online Market, Internet and Mobile Data Transmission speed will be increase.An IT Master said that Pakistan is become most favorite country for foreign investor to Invest in Pakistani Mobile and Internet Market.He also said that Pakistani Population is increasing very furiously and Pakistan Mobile users are also increasing day by day.Pakistani Mobile Market Value 3.2 Billion American Dollars.Meanwhile the income of Mobile operators increased 45% and reached to 3189$ in last 8 years.In this year Mobile users send almost 20 caror SMS,s and this is 111% increased than last year.We hope , that we will use 3G Technology from this year that was first introduced in Japan.It will be Most Digital and Modern Technology than old Enalok Technology.

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