Monday, 14 April 2014

Gallup Pakistan survay Report about Government performance, Civil Society, Institutions of State and National Political leader of Pakistan..

logoRecently Gallup Pakistan Issued a survey report on 17th February 2014.Gallup Pakistan focused Pakistan,s New Government Performance with previous. This report not just include Government performance but also told favorite leader of Pakistani People. People of Pakistan trusted on PML N Party by giving them vote on 11 May polls, and its good news that people are still trusting on PML N Government work since 10 Months.In this survey Gallup Pakistan asked different questions to Pakistan 2596 people including men and women.They covered rural as well as urban areas.This survey was taken from all over Pakistan including Punjab, Sindh, Balouchistan, KPK, Fata, Gilgit Baltistan and Wazeeristan. Gallup Pakistan found positive response from most people about Nawaz Government.

Gallup Pakistan Discussed about written below:

1: Federal Government
2: Provincial Governments
3: Institution of state
4: Civil Society Institutions
5: National Political leadership

Federal Government:
                                 In survey 55% people trusted Pakistan Government, 40% was un favorable and 5% did't answered.
Over all Net performance increased up to 15%.

Provincial  Governments:
                                        From Provincial Government Reports Punjab CM Shehbaz shareef took winning trophy as he is most popular CM Among Punjab people.Punjabi People trusted Shehbaz sharif.45% People appriciated his work were 17% said tolerating.

Over all report is very good for Nawaz sharif government.This is very short Information about Gallup Pakistan Survey report. We recommend you to download full Performance report by click below Link.


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