Thursday, 17 April 2014

Men Eating Dead Bodies in Bhakkar | The real Vampires live in Bhakkar

A news reported by Bhakkar Police, They caught two brothers from their house.A secret news was given by community that these two brothers name "Pharman and Arif" are eating dead bodies from graves of "Kahawar kallan" (A town of Bhakkar District). After the information the police trapped the footsteps from the grave and atlast they reached the house of the villager who's name was Arif and on reaching the house of Arif they saw that the catted head of young boy was placed in his house and Arif was cooking a part from his dead body.

During Investigation by Police they admitted that they have eaten more than 150 dead bodies from Graveyard. Remember they did also caught two year before too in 2011 for this crime.They spent one year in lockup then they returned back to home.The Kahawar kallan community protested strongly against their freedom, But Police did't noticed.But after one year they again trapped.
Note that there is not any law in Pakistani constitution about that crime.This is first case in Pakistan,s History.Now Government of Pakistan is going to make a Law about that crime so they will suggest high punishment.
From scientist, they said that it could be a mental problem or mental disturbance.they also said that if any human tast human , it could be dangerous for relating community.This is just as the hobbit of drinking or smoking.

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  1. Vampires don't eat flesh they suck blood..Flesh eaters are called ghouls..anyways whoa what freakshows!!


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