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How to Buy Mobile SIM From PTA Biometric verification system ?

How to Buy Mobile SIM From PTA Biometric verification system ?
PTA have launched Biometric verification system in all over Pakistan.Mobile SIM,s can be purchase with Biometric verification system throughout Pakistan from 1st August is going to tell you that, How to Buy a Mobile SIM from PTA Biometric verification system.
Biometric verification machines are available in all Franchises, customer care centers and registered outlets.If you want to buy a New SIM you need to follow the process.

How to Buy Mobile SIM from PTA Biometric verification system ?

1: First Machine will check ether more than 5 SIM, are registered against your CNIC or Not. PTA not allow to buy a SIM for those who already bought 5 SIM,s.To check online about your Registered SIM,s information click here.

2: If you are eligible regarding above criteria then you will be eligible for buying SIM.


1: Go to Telecom company franchise, customer care center or registered outlet with your Original computerized CNIC where Biometric verification machine is available.

2: Put your Thumb on Biometric verification machine.

3: After successful approval from NADRA, Receive your Mobile SIM.

4: Your New Mobile SIM will be activate within 30 Minutes after successful approval.

5: Congratulation ! You have done. Confirmation Message will be delivered.

This is the process from you can buy a Mobile SIM with Biometric Verification system.Please Tell your friends this important information.

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