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Pakistan TOP Ranking Universities in Asia 2014 - Report by QS University Rankings 2014.

A University named QS University have made a list of Asian Top 250 Universities.In Top 250 Universities, there are six Pakistani Universities also.You can see which university of Pakistan stand on which position in Asia.
QS University Rankings are based on Research work.The University which did or doing great and fruitful research are on top.Singapur and Korea take the lead in QS University Rankings Asia 2014.

QS University Ranking Parameters

QS University Rankings made this list by these parameters.

1: Academic Repetition.
2: Employer Repetition.
3: Student facility.
4: Papers per faculty.
5: Citations per faculty.
6: International Faculty.
7: International Students.
8: outbound exchange students.

QS University ranking use above parameters.They ranked Universities on 100 points from each parameter written above.

Which Pakistani Universities standing on which position in QS University Rankings 2014 ?

There are almost more than 110 Universities in Pakistan, but in QS University ranking list Pakistani Universities got low points.
1: In This List the topper University of Pakistan is, "Pakistan institute of Engineering and applied sciences Islamabad" (PIEAS).This university got 49.8 Points out of 100 and stand on 106 Position in Asia.
2: The second university of Pakistan is Agha Khan University with getting 46.00 points out of 100 and stands on 116 Position in Asia.
3: Third most points getting university is Quid e Azam University, got 45.3 points out of 100 and  stand on 123 position in Asia.Amazing thing about This university is, that Quid e Azam university ranking has been dropped from 119 Position to 123 after one year. 
4: Next University after Quid e Azam is National University of Science and technology (NUST) with getting 44.8 points and ranked on 129, this university also loose their position from 120 to 129.
5: Lahore University of Management and science (LUMS) stands on 181 position in Asia.
6: Comsats Institute of information and technology stands on 201.

These Pakistani universities Ranked in QS University Rankings Asia 2014.You can check full and detailed information about QS University Rankings 2014 from here.

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