Monday, 1 September 2014

Pakistani Game Developers developed another "Azadi Run" Game for Imran Khan Azadi March after "Container Run"

A Pakistani Game Developer Developed "Azadi Run" game.After Imran Khan Azadi March, Game developers are introducing new to new games for Audience.This thing shows the peak of this situation."Azadi Run" Game is developed by a Pakistani Boy "Muhammad Ayaz Mehmood".

Azadi Run Game Features:

This Azadi Run Game is just like Container Run Game.In this game an avatar is running through resistances placed by Government.There are two types of avatars, jayala and matwala.You have to eat coins with Running.There are lot of resistances like, boards, cars and containers.If you want to win, you must run avoiding resistances.

Azadi Run Game snaps:

Azadi Run Game can be downloaded from Google play store.To Download this Azadi Run Game app click here.

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