Thursday, 18 December 2014

"Flappy Bird" is the most Searched for Game of 2014, Google Says.

"Flappy Bird" is the most Search for Game of 2014, Google Says.

That would be Flappy Bird, the simplistic bird-dodges-pipes game created in a few days by Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen. The easy, yet frustrating concept allowed the game to rocket in popularity to the top of the app charts, reportedly bringing in $50,000 a day for the lone developer, and propelling him to international superstardom, much to his surprise

Dong Nguyen isn’t some mythical figure that’s faded into the ether however. He had other games in the app stores when Flappy Bird was out, and those were never taken down. He brought Flappy Bird back to life on Amazon’s Android app store, and developed a new frustrating game, Swing Copters, in recent months. Still, his original tale of sudden fame and inexplicable game deletion is one for the ages.
"Flappy Bird" is the most Search for Game of 2014, Google Says.
Flappy Bird
Flappy Bird wasn’t just the most searched for game of the year, it was the fifth most search term total, beating out world news related-terms like the Ice Bucket Challenge, Ferguson, ISIS and even Frozen.
The chart above shows how it compared to other games, and though it clearly dominated everything in the early months of the year, the second half of 2014 has been all Destiny, Destiny, Destiny (with an annual sprinkling of Call of Duty)

"Flappy Bird" is the most Search for Game of 2014, Google Says.
Destiny: Google`s second Most Search Online Game of the 2014
2014 has been a fascinating year for gaming, with these games being only two of the biggest stories of the year out of a solid dozen. 2015 should be equally as interesting, if not more so, as gaming continues to evolve as a worldwide pastime

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