Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Latest Jobs in Pakistan Railways - Vacancies in Railways.

Jobs in Pakistan:Pakistan Railways decided to offer 15,000 jobs for Pakistani Citizens.

"Pakistan Railways decided to offer  15,000 jobs/Vacancies for 
  Important posts."

Vacancies are Available in Following fields:
  1. Sub Engineer.
  2. Guards:
  3. Assistant Driver.
  4. Station Master.
  5. Gate man.
  6. Point Man.
  7. Khakrob.
There will be other vacancies also.More vacancies will be available here on this web page.According to sources, This decision was taken meeting held by Division Superintend in 2 days conference.
General manager Anwar Bobak said "we need to build trust on Pakistan Railways if we want to grow our income via Cargo".He added more " If Trains will be run then then we can grow our profit".

NOTE:  All Details, related to information, Advertisement, Vacancies details, application process, Application forms, Interview more will be available on this web Page.

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