Saturday, 3 January 2015

Indian Media and People Reaction over PK Movie.

Indian Media Reaction over PK Movie.
Indian Public reaction over PK
PK Movie released Released 19 December 2014.Main character of this movie is Aamir Khan as PK.PK Movie is doing a record business in India and worldwide.After releasing PK movie, Indian Media and Some extremism superstitious Hindu Religious Parties are opposing this movie.Some Hindu religious parties affiliated with BJP are protesting against PK movie.
Indian Media is also known as hate distribution companies.Also spreading violence against Aamir Khan's PK Movie.Some religious leaders say that this movie is funded by Pakistan secret agency "ISI", and some say that direct Pakistani Government is behind that movie.Some Hindu Extreme people fired a cinema hall in Ahmad abad India.
In this kind of situation Aamir Khan said, "there were 99% Hindu's acting in this movie , and its writer , director and producers are also Hindu, they did't object PK Movie content and scenes then how can some extreme people object ?".

What is the Story behind this reaction ? Watch Video.

 Why PK Movie is on target ? Watch below movie made by Indian news agency.

Remember: PK Movie is the only Bollywood movie that is predicted to reach 600 crores business.

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