Thursday, 29 January 2015

Punjab Police and Ufone Introduced Emergency Alert System in Punjab.

Punjab Police Introduced Emergency Alert System with the collaboration of Ufone.You can contact Police any time by using this free service provided by Ufone Telecom Pakistan.

No Matter Which Phone You Have !
This System will Work on 
Any Phone.

Due to Recent Security reasons in all over Pakistan, Punjab Police introduced advanced emergency alert system with collaboration of Ufone Telecom Pakistan.From This service you can contact Punjab Police by just doing one click.In Recent situation this service will be launch in Schools of Punjab.The best thing of this offer is that, its free.In Case of not having balance, this emergency alert system will work.Second interesting thing is that, for this service you can use any type of phone, No Condition of having smart phone.

What should you do, If You want to activate this Emergency alert System ?

Yes ! You can aslo get the benefit of this service by just following these step.

  • Get a special Form, made for this purpose only. (You can get this form, from any police station as well as Punjab Police website online).
  • Fill the form and submit to your nearest Police station.
Ufone also made a special portal for This emergency alert system that is linked with Punjab Police.

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