Monday, 5 January 2015

ZONG 4G LTE, Coverage, Sim, Packages, Supported Devices & everything you need to know

Zong 4G is based on fourth generation of mobile telecommunications technology, LTE ( long term evolution ) succeeding 3G. it is the fastest mobile broadband in the country with speeds of multiple times higher the 3G. Zong 4G offer is simple, innovative, affordable & fastest.

Packages Data Limit Rs. Monthly Period
4G enabled bundles
Monthly Premium – 2 GB 2 GB Rs.350 30 days
Monthly Premium – 4 GB 4 GB Rs.650 30 days
Monthly Premium Plus – 10 GB 10 GB Rs.1500 30 days
Monthly Premium Plus– 20 GB 20 GB Rs.2500 30 days
Monthly Premium Plus– 30 GB 30 GB Rs.3500 30 days

Prepaid Customers:
Dial *6464# to activate 4G-enabled bundles
Postpaid Customers:
Dial *7788# to activate 4G-enabled bundles

  • You can subscribe to one of these 4G-enabled bundles to  activate 4G services.
  • The 4G enabled bundles can be used in 4G, 3G & 2G areas.
  • The 4G-enabled bundles can be subscribed by both prepaid & postpaid subscribers.

4G Enabled Hybrids:
In addition to 4G- enabled data bundles, you can also subscribe to 4G enabled hybrid bundles separately. The hybrid bundles offer a special deal for our customers which includes.

a) Unlimited on-net voice (24/7)
b) 500 FREE SMS /day
c) Data

4G Enabled Devices:
Officially Launched 4G LTE Enabled Devices in Pakistan.

  1. Ascend P7
  2. Honor 6
  3. Honor 3C LTE
  4. G6
  5. HTC One M8
  6. Oppo Fine 7
  7. Oppo Find 7A
  8. Nokia Lumia 1320
  9. Nokia Lumia 930
  10. Sony xperia Z3
  11. Samsung Galaxy Alpha
  12. China Mobile M811

ZONG 4G LTE, Coverage, Sim, Packages & every thing you want to know.
Zong 4G coverage Areas

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