Sunday, 22 February 2015

Five tricks to make your Computer Fast , Easy and Quick Method.

If you are not expert of information technology or computer science then it's hard to deal with your computer hidden activities.We are sharing Five tricks that will increase the speed of your computer.These tricks can help you to take care of your computer.Below are the five tricks that will change your computer.

1: Hard disk Reorganization:

We think, it's interesting for you that Hard disk Reorganization is very helpful to increase your computer speed.Defragmentation unite your Computer data in Hard disk and speedup your computer.
The way you save lot of files in your computer cause of low speed.These kind of data can damage your computer.Keep your Files scan on weekly basis.

2: Delete Unnecessary Files:

In these days, hard disk less than 200 GB, fill very easily, with the passage of time it cause the slow of Computer.There are perhaps lot of files that are not in your use, that cause of decreasing the speed of your Computer.Delete them all.
The Question is, How do you know where are the files to delete ? The answer is very simple.
There are lot of software's are available in market that can detect your hidden files.For PC, you can use "Spacesniffer" or "Windirstat" for cleanup.These files can help you to locate unnecessary files.

3: Don't Run Auto Programmer:

It's fastest way to increase your Computer speed.Mostly these kind of auto running programs cause of slow speed of your computer.
In OS X, you can use activity monitor, and in windows you can use task manager.If you are using PC, then it's easy, you can free tool "Autoruns" that control running program.

4: Eliminate Harmful Viruses and Programs:

Some people not use anti virus programs by saying that these program use lot of memory and because of auto running it consume the speed of computer.
Choose anti virus program that is compatible with your Computer.Use reputable anti virus program.

5: Use Web Application:

Do't install lot of softwares in your computer, Use Web Applications.why it is necessary to install MS Office, if you have Adobe Buzzword, Google Docs or Zoho like web applications on internet.You can use these kind of web applications online with ease.


Above are the five Tricks to make your computer fast.You will experience sudden speed in your computer by following these five tricks that will make your computer speed like a rocket.Use these tricks then tell us what happened with your Computer by commenting below.

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