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Lollywood Movie Wrong No Box Office Collection.

Lollywood Movie Wrong No Box Office Collection.

Wrong No, Lollywood Movie was released at Eid ul Fitr and doing great business in Pakistan as well as other locations of world.We are sharing Information about Box Office collection for Wrong No.

Sources told that Wrong No collected 10 Million Rupees in Lahore & 10 Millions in Karachi and Islamabad Collectively.This movie did business at other locations of 5.1 Millions Rupees.

Wrong No Movie Box Office Collection:

This movie did great business from the beginning of Eid ul Fitr (18 July 2015). Nine days Box office collection report from Eid is given below. 
  • Day one (7.3 Million)
  • Day two (9 Million)
  • Day three (8.8 Million)
  • Day four (9.2 Million)
  • Day five (7.5 Million)
  • Day six (7 Million)
  • Day seven (7 Million)
  • Day eight (9 Million)
  • Day Nine (9 Million)
 Collectively Wrong No Movie collected 70.38 Millions Rupees.This movie is being very popular in not just Pakistan but other countries too.Finaly Box office Collection for Wrong No movie will be post at the end of August 2015.

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