Monday, 12 October 2015

PTI's Aleem Khan Wins NA-122 Bye Elections in Online voting by

NA-122 bye election is being very popular in Pakistan because of focus of Electronic Media, Social Media, Internet media and Political parties leaders involvement .You also know that Election Comission of Pakistan announces NA-122 Bye election result Monday. also asked question to their visitors "Who will win NA-122 Election ?" in very short time we experience good responce from audience & got lot of votes for Aleem Khan and Ayyaz sadiq too.

Our poll option was open till one week and received almost 49 authentic votes from 49 unique IP Addresses.

Online Voting Result Snapshot:

At the end PTI's Aleem Khan win NA-122 Bye election with the lead of one vote from sardar ayyaz sadiq. Aleem Khan got 25 votes and Sardar Ayyaz sadiq received 24 Votes.

So no matter, if aleem khan loosed in reality but won Online, Share this news to your friends to enjoy the moment of victory.

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