Friday, 27 November 2015

Which Province Govt is performing better ?

We always try to spread opinion of our visitors on current affairs of Pakistan. In past we asked a question "Who will win NA-122 Lahore elections ?" Unfortunately, Aleem Khan loosed in reality but at voting, Aleem khan wins with one vote.

One months before, We asked you a question "Which Province Govt is performing better ?".A good response was experienced from our audience.Some visitors was in the favour of Punjab, some was with KPK, small amount was with Sindh & Blochistan and we respect people opinion about this topic.

From our visitors, 117 Unique votes was casted.You can see result in below snapshot.

 Govt Performance Reports:

 Here is performance report for Good Governance. Punjab Govt lead this online elections by receiving 73 votes from our online audience.

KPK Govt secured 2nd position by receiving 29 votes.

Sindh received 12 votes.

Blochistan stands at last.

Note: These votes based on online voting. We received 117 unique vote from different IP's not same.

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